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"Discover How a Broke University Dropout Went From Working in 15 Different Jobs Over 4 Years and Having No Clear Direction, to Building a Life of Abundance, Risk, Excitement and Drive Using Nothing More Than an Open Mind, Intense Curiosity and a Few Instructive Ideas"

"I can show you how to empower yourself by expanding your awareness so you avoid the fatal mistakes of millions before you and can seek the greatest that life has to offer."

I know your time is precious, so I’ll get right to it.

When I finished school I was like a fish thrown in the desert and told to "figure it out".

So many of the tools I’d been given by school, people around me and society as a whole, just completely failed me.

I wasn’t set up to succeed. The system that I went through had predetermined my failure.

I know now that society had attempted to send me down a path that was well trodden, full of people suffering from their uninformed decisions, made because they were never taught instructive ideas.

The reason people gets things wrong and struggle in their life is because there is a gap between what they're doing and what actually works in reality. They're constantly doing things that don't work.

This is because neither school or society has taught them what they need to know to operate effectively in the real world.

The more you can bridge this gap in knowledge and understanding by learning instructive ideas, the less friction there is in life and the easier it becomes.

This is because you gain awareness and avoid unnecessarily or unknowingly doing the wrong things and not getting results.

The beauty of this though, is that once you start learning these ideas, you not only stop getting things wrong, but you start making incredible positive progress!

This progress multiplies and compounds over time because not only are you NOT getting burnt, you're actually doing something beneficial! So the effect is magnified and you can see immense changes in your life very quickly.

I'm sure at different points in your life, especially when you were younger, you had big dreams and grand ambitions for what you would do with your life and who you would become.

Think back on those dreams and ambitions and how they made you feel. Excited? Empowered? Hopeful for the future?

Over time you become 'more realistic' and need to 'act responsible' because it's too risky, too hard etc. You should take the 'smart' path, the 'safe' path.

The path I’m talking about is the one we all know.

"Finish school, go to university, get into debt, get a job, get a mortgage, get married and then continue working to pay down all that debt."

When you think about this path, what do you feel?

And the crazy thing is, this path may have worked once, but it doesn't anymore.

Things have changed so much so quickly, with the internet, social media and globalisation, that this path is just completely unviable today and yet so many still blindly pursue it.

As a man, your story now ends with: skyrocketing divorce rates (50% in the USA & 31% in Australia), losing the house, still hating your job, inflation outpacing your wages, working until you die because the pension can't support you, and then suddenly, your life is over.

So you gave up your dreams and grand ambitions, for what? A mediocre, and probably dismal existence.

By making yourself more aware by learning Instructive Ideas, you can avoid this trap and many other traps.

It's my mission to share the facts and ideas that reveal these traps and why it's no longer the best option to follow the path society tells you to.

And I'll even provide you with a better alternative.

Some of the challenges that young people face now after leaving school:

  • The struggle of modern dating since the introduction of social media and the culture of 'simping'.
  • The incredible misinformation surrounding making money due to insane conflict of interest.
  • The frustration of being overweight and trying everything to get fit.
  • The idea of 'settling for a job' you may not even like.
  • The need to be confirmed in the society that we live in.
  • Not being exposed to counter cultural pathways and ideas that are insanely valuable.

All of these things can be overcome quickly and successfully if you have the right information.

Yet, so much of the information that exists for solving these problems is just outdated. It doesn't work anymore. The landscape of life has changed so dramatically, even just in the last 20 years, that many of the old ideas we are taught need modern adaptation.

And the rest of the information out there is just completely wrong: it either doesn't work, or is literally designed to work against you and for somebody else's benefit.

My mission is to provide you with powerful, tested tools that have been proven to work by some of the world's most successful individuals, so that when you have to face these universal challenges in life, you will be ready.

School doesn't prepare you for these problems.

As soon as you leave school, you’re confronted with the responsibility of deciding your own path and you are not given the tools to make a rational choice.

Most people even subconsciously know the traditional path is not the best one.

When you see a young man step out of his $700k Lamborghini Aventador at the petrol station, do you think 'Oh, he must've studied hard at university, got a great job at a corporation and saved for that Lamborghini?'


You wonder how he made his money. Drugs? Cyrpto? Stocks? Built a company?

The path to having success in every realm of life has evolved and learning Instructive Ideas will allow you to see that path and stay on it.

And then, maybe, you'll have a chance at living a life on your own terms and becoming a man that you and everyone who meets you, respects and admires.


Now, I took that traditional path because I didn't know any better at the time.

I went to university for all of…

drum roll...

one month.

I picked a commerce and accounting degree – probably one of the most uninteresting, passionless, boring degrees known to man.

AND this was coming from my glowing history of almost being expelled in high school for truancy (not attending).

I’d always known that school wasn’t quite it. But I’d never really known the extent to which school, and the leaders in my life had failed me, until I’d had to figure most of this stuff out for myself.


I don’t want you to have to go through that struggle.


You can learn from your own mistakes, or even better, you can learn from the mistakes of others.

> You can put your hand in the fire and get burnt and know not to do it next time.


You can see someone else do it, see their pain, see them recoil, and learn from THEIR experience – without incurring the damage to yourself.


I want you to take the value from my experience.

I am uniquely equipped to help you navigate this new age world of technology, bad ideas and misinformation because I have grown up with the same struggle you have and I’ve overcome many of the problems you’ll face.

I can teach you how I’ve overcome these problems with a deep understanding of what you're going through now, and what you'll have to confront in the future, because I've been there myself.

My goal is to open your eyes to a world of immensely powerful instructive ideas that can revolutionise the way you approach challenges.

I want to introduce you to informative new perspectives that have transformed my life into one where I wake up every day, eager and energised to learn more, get stronger, make money and expand my awareness.

And crucially, one where I have hope for the future and am excited for what is coming.

You can have that life too.

But having knowledge and applying that knowledge are very different things.

I'm here to give you extensive examples of how I used these instructive ideas to create change in my own life. I'll share with you a proven blueprint and demonstrate in great detail how you can apply it.

IMG20210611132540-min (2)

Now for a little bit more about myself. I’m currently 21 years old, went to an all boys high school in Sydney, Australia where I currently live.

I grew up playing football (soccer) and a few years of Rugby League. I’ve always had an affinity for the outdoors, going camping and fishing with family and my small group of close friends.

In more recent years, my time spent outdoors is mostly spent hiking like you can see in the photo above. (That photo was taken at the top of the Gorge Track Valley in the Blue Mountains National Park in NSW, Australia!)

Since leaving school I’ve had more than 15 jobs ranging from crane operating on a tree farm to folding women’s jeans in retail, delivery driving, assembling and installing blinds, football refereeing, working in a call centre and even working in a real estate agency as a junior sales associate.

Here’s some pictures of me at work:

I unknowingly joined a pyramid scheme for nearly 6 months, I’ve invested in the stock market, traded stocks, lost over $20,000 gambling in one year 'trying to make it big'.

Pyramid Scheme Fun

I spent nearly a year collecting and germinating seeds, planting them in pots to try and start my own nursery and after one bad storm it was all destroyed.

I spent $3,000 building a giant slip 'n slide on my family’s farm.

I’ve travelled to Vietnam, Singapore, New Zealand, Fiji, some of the Islands off the coast of Australia and camped and caravanned all through rural NSW.

I’ve lost and put on weight to both extremes, reaching 120kg after leaving school and then dropping to 91kg over the span of two years.

I've tried everything under the sun to lose weight. Water cleanses, 6-week-six-pack programs, keto diets, shakes, supplements. I even did some crazy stuff like making bets where I had to lose 1kg every week and make a weigh-in or I’d lose $1,000. It ran for 15 weeks. That’s $15,000 for 15kg.

I laugh looking back on those days. I genuinely thought that was the solution for losing weight, because I cared about money more than my health, so 'it was good incentive’. But I would make the weigh-in at 11pm on a Friday and be eating mountains of KFC by 11:01pm.

Then as the weeks drew on I struggled to make weigh-ins and went to extreme measures – sitting in saunas for almost an hour to sweat out water weight. I even remember one time using an enema kit to flush out every possible bit of weight.

Not that I’d need to tell you, but using an enema kit and then sitting in a sauna for an hour is a terrible combination.

Never using one of those things again!


I want to share with you all my mistakes and stupidity, because thankfully all my mistakes have landed me where I am today. A place where I have powerful instructive ideas to navigate myself successfully through the opportunities, challenges and information I encounter throughout life.

Now, I train hard, eat well, learn every single day and have constructed a life where I’m surrounded by people aligned with my values, pushing me to become better, smarter and stronger every single day and I do the same for them.

This creates an upward spiral of growth and positivity and has an immensely powerful effect on my life.

What I want to do for you is explicitly reveal the behind-the-scenes operation of the world – at least the parts of it that I have discovered – and show you how I used this knowledge to my advantage.


It’s clear to me that immense suffering and wasted time can be avoided by learning and applying instructive ideas.

A lot of lessons and ideas I have discovered are simply not intuitive – you will struggle to learn them on your own. It has taken literally thousands of years of the greatest minds pondering the structure of the inner workings of people and the fabric of the world, why it is the way it is and how to best navigate it.

This instructive ideas are out there. I have found them. They just have to be learned and applied.

So let me ask you: do YOU want to expand your awareness and seek the greatest experiences life has to offer?

If you do, and you’re tired of having no direction and being constantly let down by the education system and society, and you want to implement valuable instructive ideas to empower yourself and transform your life, then let’s at least explore the possibility of working together.


You can start by registering for your free video course below.



All That You Need Is The Desire To Improve Your Life And Learn